Most large organizations have a multitude of communication methods like IM, Phone, Video and video conferencing solutions. The aim of this project was to have a unified communication solution which integrated all 3 aspects of communication along with a directory and maps.
The key goal of the project was to have a single app that would work across Desktop, mobile and tablets. This was done in order to showcase the powerful Adobe Air platform. The process involved implementing an iterative design, development and test strategy in which we evolved our ideas. One of the key outcomes of this was to have a corporate presence mechanism, in which users need not explicitly add another individual in the office to see their presence information. This concept is now omnipresent in modern office communication tools like Slack.
Designing and developing for a single platform is challenging enough and Adobe Air offered a solution to integrate many of these aspects. However there were a lot of issues regarding multiple screen sizes and the advent of High DPI display for newer iPhones and iPads. This posed an  interesting challenge which we overcame with responsive design.
Value Addition
This product development showcased an ideal example of the power of the Adobe Air platform. This product was showcased at multiple venues including the Adobe MAX conference, and received a great deal of interest from DISA.
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