Past Talks
Fab Asia Network 2017 (fan3), Kochi, India, "Connecting Art, Design & Digital Fabrication"
•Adobe Max 2011, Los Angeles, CA, “Adobe @ Adobe”
•Adobe Tech Summit 2011, San Jose, CA, “Introduction to Rapid Prototyping”
•Adobe Tech Summit 2013, San Jose, CA, “Adobe’s Predictive Technologies”
•UX India 2013, Bangalore, India, “Usability in Data Visualization”
Other Events
•CES 2017 at Las Vegas, Nevada, showcased WebCardio with STMicroelectronics
•Cardiology Society of India 2016 at Kochi, India (Booth).
•IoTWorld 2016 at Santa Clara, CA, showcased WebCardio with Gadgeon.
•Service Design Jam 2015, London, UK
•Hack the Visual 2015, London, UK (Participant & Winner)
•Adobe Digital Marketing Summit 2013 (Sneak Peek emotion project), Salt Lake City, Utah