With obesity being one of the most common diseases for pets today, it is important to keep track of your pets’ overall fitness. Catch! measures how many calories your pet burns throughout a day and notifies you when pre-set exercise targets are not reached.
The prototype of this product was developed over several iterations as a part of UCL Advances entrepreneurial challenge. The prototype was further developed at a Seedhack London where we received support of OEM, hardware prototype toolkit manufacturers.
To get a testable prototype it was necessary to find the right tools for creating a small version of the tracker. Making this was impossible with the current set of prototyping toolkits like Arduino and Raspberry Pi, which had a lot of unwieldy wires. Smartables, was the right platform at the right time and allowed us to create a reasonably sized rugged prototype.
Value Addition
Although we could not bring this prototype to market, it gave us valuable lessons in rapid prototyping and how to make a business case  when showcasing our ideas to angel investors.
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