Currently users are forced to install new apps on their mobile devices that only serve a single purpose. Users have shown a strong dislike towards installing applications that don't serve them constantly. With this background we set out as a team to solve a real world challenge without using an “app”.
As a group we set out to solve the problem of memory offloading for event posters that you might see at cafes, pubs and other public locations. The key concept was to create a calendar reminder of the event in the user's calendar app by taking a snapshot of a poster.
Creating a product prototype that tried to solve a real-world challenge of image recognition without ANY control over the application was indeed challenging. It was decided to hook into various existing apps and cloud platforms to solve the problem of sourcing the images, processing them on our servers and placing the calendar item onto the user’s calendar.
Value Addition
The project won an award at the Hack The Visual, 2015 contest in London.  It also won the acclaim of the jury as it addressed a particular user pain that most users face.
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